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Our People

Recruitment, Training and Development

Training is available to every employee globally; in 2020, employees received an average of 60 hours of training. In the future this may vary as we make use of more micro/nano-training. Additionally, we have allocated funding for employee professional development and tuition reimbursement. This is open to any employee globally, with funding dependent on time spent with the company.

As a company rooted in learning, we offer our employees a full suite of online learning assets. These include formal content we build as well as purchased content. We also enable playlists for crowdsourced training and learning experiences. We provide onboarding and product training. We also offer a range of other training programs including presentation training, technical manager focused training, and Development Days, which offer a host of different learning opportunities from personal enrichment to deep skill building workshops. Functional groups are also able to invest in skill-focused training as a group (i.e. sales training). We also offer language immersion programs.

To develop our future leaders, we offer a full suite of management and leadership programs focusing on introductory management training as well as more advanced seminars. These focus on communications, motivation, and employee engagement.

To find the best talent, we have a Recruiting Resource hub offering training including recruiting basics, process insights and best practices, unconscious bias training, behavioral based interview training, referral program details, job marketing and creating an appealing job description, system utilization training, internal mobility, onboarding, and diversity and inclusion.

We offer several internship programs for undergraduates and graduate students at our offices around the world. In India, we have a robust internship talent pipeline program that provides guidance and growth to interns for Software Engineering roles. It gives them the opportunity to work with teams and learn developer skills, with the goal to join the Cornerstone team. In Europe, we have partnered with AIESEC, an international youth-run, not-for-profit organization that provides young people with leadership development, cross-cultural internships, and global volunteer exchange experiences to provide graduates with work experience.

All permanent employees receive structured performance reviews that are aligned with career development. For 2021, we plan to transition to quarterly conversations focused on both performance and development.

To promote an open feedback culture, we use our product functionality (Check-ins). There are focused modules on Crucial Conversations with practicums, management and employee forums on feedback, performance reviews, and talent reviews that encourage managers to speak with employees about progress.

Diversity and Inclusion

SASB TC-SI-330a.3

Our goal is to foster an inclusive culture that supports a diverse, engaged and thriving workforce. Our Chief Diversity Officer has responsibility for developing and leading our diversity strategy. We have established a diversity council of employees to help advance diversity and inclusion at our company.

We provide employee training on inclusion, including mandatory unconscious bias training for all employees, as well as regular training on our anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies. Other initiatives to support a diverse workforce include honoring Juneteenth, marking cultural holidays globally, and providing a focused Development Day on diversity and inclusion.

To help recruit a diverse workforce, we review every position for diversity areas of focus. Upon search, we post jobs to a variety of diversity job boards, review with partners, and post to targeted diverse communities.

In combination with the extensive sourcing efforts, we conduct job description bias review, diverse interview panels, interview accommodation as needed, and unconscious bias training for hiring managers and interviewers.

To monitor the success of our diversity and inclusion programs and areas for improvement, we run quarterly diversity audits and report results to executives about regional and functional diversity statistics on retention, promotion, and percentage of diverse representation.

Gender (Global Workforce 2018)

Overall workforce36%64%
All other44%56%

Race (U.S. Only 2018)

 AsianBlack or African
Hispanic or
Native Hawaiian or
other Pacific Islander
Two or
More Races
Overall workforce27%3%8%1%2%59%
All other8%2%5%1%1%35%

Sums may not add up due to rounding

Cornerstar Resource Groups

We have multiple employee resource groups, Cornerstar Resource Groups (CRGs), created by our employees and enabled by the company to effect change and successfully serve as advocates for inclusion and belonging. Each of our CRGs has at least one member who represents them on our Diversity Leadership Council. The council meets monthly and was designed to ensure that our resource groups do not operate in siloes but instead have the opportunity to share their best practices, learn from each other, identify ways to collaborate and support each other to ensure that our CRGs are helping our culture to thrive. Our CRGs include:


whose mission is to engage, inspire and amplify our Cornerstar community by encouraging and empowering the Women at Cornerstone and their allies.

The Black Employee Alliance

which focuses on black, indigenous and people of color advancement through development, opportunity and elevation.

Cornerstone Plus

our LGBTQIA+ individuals and allies who celebrate diversity in its many forms, further efforts for equity for all people and support individuals to use their uniqueness to maximize their potential.

Disability Visibility

for people with disabilities and their allies to share their story, listen to others and learn how to include your colleagues and peers who have a disability.

Working Parents

supporting each other through all facets of their family life while they are busy doing it all.

LatinX/Hispanic Unidos

unifies employees and their allies by creating a sense of community and celebrating cultural traditions.

Remote Employees Rejoice

stays closely connected to share best practices for building relationships and operating home offices successfully.

Veterans Resource Group

connects those who have served or have family and friends who have served their country in any capacity.

D&I Allies

is a safe space for allies of diversity and inclusion to share resources, experiences and thoughts.

Employee Engagement

SASB TC-SI-330a.2

We conduct a full employee engagement survey at least once a year with a goal to conduct it biannually during the first half and second half of the year. We also conduct periodic pulse surveys on engagement topics measured in the full survey throughout the year. We are pleased that our results show our employee engagement is better than the sector benchmark.

Supporting our Communities

Signature Programs – Building the capacity of nonprofits around the world

To demonstrate our commitment to empowering people and communities, we formed the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation in 2010. The Foundation seeks to empower communities in the US and internationally by increasing the impact of the non-profit sector through the utilization of our people development solutions and capacity building programs.

The Foundation focuses its efforts on the areas of education, workforce development, and disaster relief. We have enlisted the help of our employees, customers, and distributors to support the Foundation in its efforts. The Foundation is designed to be self-sustaining over time through a variety of ongoing funding streams, such as donations, sponsorships, and distribution fees.

Find out more about our key programs and initiatives we provide to nonprofit organizations around the world.

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Our Progress So Far

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